Scores of ticketholders were refused entry at the door for failing to show photo ID which matched their booking

Foo Fighters have issued a statement after hundreds of fans were turned away at the door of their huge London gig at The O2 last night (September 19) after falling victim to a ticketing mix-up.

The Dave Grohl-led band played a career-spanning set during their one-off show at the 20,000-capacity venue, which was reported to be sold out.

However, hundreds of ticketholders were denied entry to the gig for failing to present a photo ID which matched their booking.

Punters claimed that they were not told of the arrangement prior to the gig, and many were shocked to discover at the door that their tickets were not valid. After numerous complaints, security relented and allowed ticketholders without ID to enter the venue – but by then many of those who had initially been refused entry had left.

“Foo Fighters, SJM and The O2 are frustrated and saddened that despite their best efforts tickets for last night’s show at the O2 fell into the hands of unscrupulous secondary ticket agencies,” said the band in a statement.
Foo Fighters continued: “Unfortunately, this meant a small number of fans purchasing bogus tickets from these unscrupulous outlets did not get into the sold out show… Foo Fighters, The O2 and SJM strongly advise and sincerely hope that in the future ALL fans buy tickets only from legitimate sites to ensure they are not defrauded out of their hard earned money.”